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SilverBarn, a solar powered, steel framed and enclosed structure, is the central component of 500+acre, 100% off-grid, rural ranch project situated on conservation-protected ranch-lands within the Yorkville Highlands Appellation of Mendocino County, California.

The lands, assembled since 1994 and purchased from long-time wilderness and forest advocates and other long-time ranchers, include a conservation easement, monitored annually by the Anderson Valley Land Trust. Other activities include an Oak Woodland restoration project, re-planting of Coast Redwoods, private camping, hunting and hiking and DarkSky viewing.  Forest thinning practices are underway for wildfire protection and overall forest health.


The main building, designed by Robert Hersey, AIA, and Dan Dodt in 2001, and developed by UNIVERDE,  utilizes materials originally fabricated for commercial and industrial uses uniquely applied to a primarily residential setting. 

Additional outbuildings, site specific projects  and other improvements are on-going.